About us

Fibo Industrial Group is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Based in Oman’s Sohar Industrial City, with additional offices in the United Arab Emirates, we have an international outlook and produce three flagship products: Fiboard, clean waste incinerators, and water desalination machines, all in line with our sustainable development goals, to protect the environment and improve the well-being of humans:

Fibo Industrial Group is committed to sustainable development, both in its products and operations, and is working towards clean energy, green land, clean air, sanitary water, and a protected environment.

At Fibo, we believe that the well-being of our people is fundamental to our success. Our passion for safety and our courage to care for one another and our environment inspires mutual respect.

Fibo Industrial Group values and respects its stakeholders, and is committed to their financial well-being and a peaceful and respectful work environment.

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Peace, comfort, environment and a beautiful planet; along with serious efforts for its maintenance. What mission is better and superior than this?

Dr. Kambiz Yousefi

CEO and President of Fibo group